Welcome to my Virtual Art Gallery

Artistic expression has been a part of my entire life. Every piece I create reflects my inner Spirit. My pieces can be found around the World. Nate Berkus, Don Knotts and Oprah are few of the individuals who have my pieces.

Currently, I turn my talent to pottery, glass and the Angels that rise within. I lend my talents only to release the Angel that is within. The Angels guide me. I use my talents to convey their wishes. I share my love and Spirit with each creation. I create in all mediums; painting, sculpting, fabric art, woodworking, glass and needlework. I work with nature and incorporate nature in all of my work.

“Each new day brings the gift of life and hope.  Forever found in the openness of the heart and the freedom of the soul.”

All items shown are available for purchase. Visit Artistic Creations by Nancy on Facebook to see items that are currently available.  If you see an item you would like, please contact me at nrenaut@yahoo.com or leave me a message on Facebook. I accept Paypal, a personal check, Visa and Mastercard. I ship by USPS. Since each item is unique, I will let you know by email the shipping charges in advance.

Gimzo is responsible for quality control. Nothing ever gets shipped without him making sure it has been made with love and caring.

Gimzo is a beautiful soul. He is my muse. He makes sure every piece is filled with love before it goes out into the world.

2 thoughts on “Welcome to my Virtual Art Gallery

  1. I have known Nancy for a long time and have several of her pieces. Everything Nancy does is from her heart. She is truly a gifted artist and a beautiful soul. Love your new web site!

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